About us

Welcome to the Cedar Point in Rexburg Idaho!

Here at the Cedar Point we do several different things. In the fall there is a straw maze at the Cedar Point. The straw maze is the closest Halloween entertainment to BYU-Idaho. It is the best place to come for the full Halloween experience. Not only do we have a HUGE straw maze, but we also have some incredible food, pumpkins for sale, a kid-friendly animal farm, and a smaller children’s straw maze. If you are looking for some excitement this Halloween season, the maze will be haunted after dark on the weekends! This is a great activity for families and friends to enjoy together. We have something for everyone!

We also do catering, Old School BBQ And Catering at The Cedar Point. We specialize in pulled pork, potatoes, salads, and desserts. We would love to help make your special occasions even better.

All this summer we will be serving at the Rexburg Farmers Market, stop on by and try our sandwiches.

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